Thursday, March 19, 2009


To quote The Cranberries... "Everybody Else is Doing It, So Why Can't We"...

So, this blog is for Master Stallion, his Alpha Boy, Revan, and of course his Neko Pet Leu. We have some things to share and have fun, so we figure we would share them with you!! I hope you enjoy our little part of the internet. We are three people who share a bond in Second Life and beyond, we are just here to have fun, so leave your drama at the door!

First of all, one thing we will talk about a lot in here is Revan's store, Stud Puppy, a virtual store selling awesome clothing for your Second Life avatar. It features BDSM themed clothing for Masters and their submissives. Lots of leather and chains to for slaves to entice their Masters.

Family member, Gareth, has a few stores of his own that we will advertise for him. Sexy Threads features some yummy clothing for sexy men and Bad Cat has some sexy clothing that may appeal to Neko set out there.

Master Stallion spends his free time building houses, we will feature them here as well.

We have a few clubs that we support and we will list information on them from time to time.

If we have any other useful information and tips on Second Life, we will pass that along as well.

Peace, Love and Catnip,


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